Thank you so much for stopping by!  My husband and I both studied engineering in college.  We both work full time and somehow juggle our growing family at the same time.  People always ask, “how do we do it?”  – so I figured it was time to start documenting it.  I plan to share my favorite things, survival tips, and our daily crazy circus!

Where do I start?  My husband and I met in 8th grade Language Arts – we’ve been together ever since.  We grew up in Atlanta and went to Georgia Tech.  After graduation, we got married and moved to Houston for 5 years.  

Houston is where we continued our infertility journey.  I was diagnosed with PCOS early in college and had an ovarian cyst surgically removed.  We know our chances of conceiving a family were best early on, so we started trying right away after we got married.  3 years into our marriage (and our infertility journey), we decided to pursue IVF.  We had a successful fresh transfer which resulted in our first set of miracle twin girls (aka the bigs).  We knew we wanted a larger family (3-4 kids!) and didn’t stop there.  We tried the good old fashioned way and when that didn’t happen, we pursued using our frozen embryos.  We had 2 unsuccessful single transfers before deciding to transfer 2 embryos again.  This resulted in our miracle second set of twin girls (aka the littles).  When the littles were just 8 months old, we got the shock of a lifetime that we were expecting again!!  This time, 1 baby – and a boy!!!  Certainly one way to make a 3rd pregnancy new and exciting.

I look forward to sharing my mom tips and soliciting advice on how to make our day to day easier.  I no way have this mom thing figured out (who really does??) and I thoroughly enjoy reading what works for others.  So I’m happy to have you join this ride of motherhood with me!