Homeschooling Activities for Preschoolers

With the widespread school closures and increasing work from home, what activities can you do at home to entertain your kids?  Well, this is what my family is made for!!  I work from home and my kids do not go to school, so what do they do all day?  Lots of homeschooling activities for preschoolers!  I will share our “schedule” which is more or less made for two sets of twins (the baby just falls in wherever!) and include some activities to get the juices flowing.  Some of the homeschool activities for preschoolers are ideas from their teacher and others are just some I come up with on the fly.  I include links to free printables and materials where applicable.


First, our schedule is set up around eating times.  I think it is important for the kids to eat around the same time each day.  From there, schedule in their nap and quiet times.  Everywhere else, I sprinkle in different forms of free play, learning activities, and outside time.  In order for all of us to keep track of the schedule, I have free kid routine cards here.  We have boxes of toys that we TRY and keep organized throughout our days and helps with the rotation of things.  We do not have all of our toys out and accessible at once.  Hopefully this gives a flavor for what a more structured day could look like at home for your family.

homeschool preschool schedule

Now for the homeschooling activities for preschoolers, toddlers, and young children in general.  I just have a list and will link any materials or sites that can assist in the entertainment.  I truly believe kids learn through play and fun activities, so this is not meant to be “strict” by any means.  All of these activities are tried and true for our family and the kids love them!  One item we use a LOT are these cubes here (and they are inexpensive!).  We use them for measuring, patterns, color sorting, and all kids of things!  The categories include art, math, reading, writing, science, sensory, motor skill development, outdoor, and other fun.  Enjoy!!  Please let me know what activities you like to do too!



  • Cut out the same size squares or use cubes to measure things.  Gather items around the house and see how many cubes they are
  • Practice patterns with blocks or cubes.  Line up a pattern and have your kid repeat it, then switch!  Have them make a pattern and you repeat it
  • Complete symmetry sheets such as this one
  • Number sequencing worksheets like this
  • Beginner counting and addition worksheets


  • I like coloring sheets like these so you kid can start associating the word with the color
  • Act out your favorite books
  • Print out characters and use them as puppets to put on a show
  • Print and color beginner reading books like this these (not free – but minimal cost)
  • Make reading boats out of storage bins


  • Write your kid’s name on a sheet of paper and insert into a plastic pocket.  Then use dry erase markers to trace their names
  • Use this site to generate practice worksheets with your kids’ names
  • Use different color dry erase markers and boards for coloring – my girls can draw for hours on their boards
  • We love these tracing books


  • Plant flowers in a pot from seeds
  • Add beans and wet cotton balls to a ziplock bag.  Set the bag in the window and check each day for growth!
  • Bake!!  Let the kids use the measuring cups
  • Make a rainbow and learn about capillary action
  • Nature walk around the neighborhood


  • Get a baking tray and add flour or salt.  Have your kid trace their name in the powder or just draw!
  • Same idea as above, but use shaving cream and give them paintbrushes to trace opposed to their fingers
  • Get a muffin tin and sort cubes in each of the circles
  • Play dough with these free play dough mats
  • Make fake snow

Motor Skill Development

  • Scissor skills are so important.  Use some of these free printables or just draw shapes on papers for your kids to cut out
  • Use different tools (scoops, tweezers, etc) to pick up different items
  • Unload the dishwasher!  Seriously!  My older girls match and put together all of the munchkin 360 cups
  • Fold towels or simple laundry
  • Stringing cheerios onto pipe cleaners


  • Chalk
  • Bubbles
  • Waterplay
  • Personal playgrounds (we have our own and would avoid public parks during the time of COVID19)
  • Bikes
  • Ridealongs
  • Walks

Other Fun

  • Dress up
  • Cooking
  • Color sorting
  •  Movies or iPad games
  • Ball pit
  • Dance parties

I hope some of the homeschool activities for preschoolers can help you spend some quality time with the little ones during this uneasy time!

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