Kid Routine Cards

It is time for me to return to work after my third maternity leave.  When I returned the first two times, I felt like I had it under control.  Two sets of twins is not a walk in the park, but only two different age groups is!  I felt like I only had two kids since the twins share birthdays.  However, throwing a fifth kid and a new age group, I feel I now have 14 kids.  A daily routine just is not cutting it.  I need a schedule!  I need a schedule the kids, parents, and caregivers can follow as well.  Enter – kid routine cards!
Free routine cards
Kid routine cards are found all over the internet.  I created my own to suit our needs such as medications, pets, and ensure our little one wears her glasses.  Find the free printable here!  It includes blank cards as well for further customization.

How to Use

After settling on a schedule that works best for us, I set up the display.  There are several ways to display the kid routine cards such as pocket charts or poster boards. For the daily routine, I have a clothespin line in the kitchen to showcase the schedule.  We do not do the same things every day, so I switch them out easily with the clothespin method.  I have other kid routine cards such as art, reading, upstairs play, cooking, and even a car.  The car denotes actually leaving to run an errand or go to a doctors appointment.  “Projects” are what the girls refer to as learning play, sensory activities, or motor skill development.  We have other play spaces in our home such as the upstairs loft and basement for the kids which have separate cards as well.  A green clothespin denotes which activity we are on for the day.
Free routine cards
For their morning and evening routine, I taped them to their bathroom wall.  This is easily accessible for the big girls to ensure they do not miss a step!
Free routine cards
The girls love checking the chart to see what they accomplished and “what’s next” for the day.  The kid routine cards make a big difference in their demeanor so the can anticipate the day.  Find the free kid routine cards here and I hope they help bring organization to your home too!
Free routine cards
Please let me know if they work for you and other tips for your family!

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