Target’s New Loyalty Program, Target Circle

Target is now paying you to shop with Target’s new loyalty program!  I love a good loyalty program that is FREE and does not require a credit card.  This is fantastic news for those of us who cannot seem to get out of the store without more than 10 things (7 of which we may or may not need…).  Who is excited??  I know I am!!  Target is one of happy places.  It is my go to spot to meet up with a girlfriend after all the kids go to bed.  

Not only is it MY happy place, somehow my daughters learned it is theirs too.  No idea where they got that from…..  Good behavior at school?  Target trip!  Mastered a new skill?  Target trip!  At one point, the bigs actually told me, “Daddy’s car is for work.  Mommy’s car is for Target!”  What can I say?  Smart girls… and now we get to shop smarter too!


What do you need to know about Target’s new loyalty program?

Target Circle is the new free loyalty program rolling out nationwide on October 6, 2019.  If you already have a account, Cartwheel, or a Target REDard, you are automatically enrolled in Circle.


What are the benefits of Target Circle?

Starting October 6th, enrolled members earn 1% on EVERY purchase to use on a future purchase.  How great is this?  I am excited as this rolls out near the holidays – every little bit adds up!  Members can rack up redemption dollars for the next shopping trip! 

In addition to 1% towards a future shopping trip, Target Circle will have personalized offers.  Savings and coupons will be tailored towards categories you shop the most.  On your birthday, Target offers a “special birthday treat” which is 5% off a shopping trip.  More to come on this one as Target advertises personalized rewards as surprises!

Target supports hundreds of nonprofits throughout the country.  As a part of Target’s new loyalty program, members earn “votes” to influence how Target’s giving program impacts your community.

Last, as a member, you will have early access to sale information throughout the year.


Other insights regarding Target Circle include replacing Cartwheel.  Members will now find special coupons and savings through Target Circle.  Both in store and online purchases qualify for the loyalty program.  If you forget to scan your Target Circle account upon checkout, do not worry!  You can later add the receipt to your online account so you do not miss any savings!  Overall, Target’s new loyalty program sounds like a win-win to me because I earn dollars towards a next trip on stuff I buy anyway!  I look forward to reaping the benefits of Target Circle.


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