Fall Decor

There is a crisp in the air, so for me, that means breaking out the fall decor.  I like to try and decorate ahead of the curve so I can enjoy it a little longer throughout the seasons.  With all the littles, I pick sensible fall decor items that are displayed high on walls and out of reach of toddler and baby hands (mostly).  I also have to pick practical items too because… mom life.  So what can I use to store diapers, wipes, extra clothes, cream, etc while still looking festive?

Accent Table

There are only a couple spaces in my home that make sense for seasonal fall decor.  The first is a TV stand we use as a decorative piece and store baby items.  The drawers are full of hair brushes, accessories, nasal wipes, nail clippers, doggy bags – you name it!!  These baby items are stored in quick and easily accessible while still looking semi-adult like. 

I do not store a lot in the cabinets because logically, they turn into “ovens,” “closets,” “monster hiding spaces,” – whatever their little hearts’ desire!  So I typically keep those clear for little imaginations to run wild.  What I do have are two baskets with extra sets of clothes, bath towels, toys, and whatever else I may need on the main level for the day.  The bigs are really into pumpkins this year, so I did a mini pumpkin patch on the top.  Over the years, I collected pumpkins from Kirkland’s, Marshall’s, Target, and Walmart. 

I like the look of the different textures and styles to create visual interest.  I also added the large galvanized tin because I love the look of metal, wood, and burlap together.  Inside the tin?  Diaper storage of course! 

On the wall of the steps, I hung the wooden frames from Amazon and added simple faux fall flowers.  The fall sign is one of my favorites, also from Kirkland’s. 

The garland is a simple fall decor piece from Hobby Lobby that I laid in front of the pumpkins (admittedly something the bigs are attracted to picking off the leaves, but who can blame them?  I want to play in fall leaves too!).

Fireplace & Bookshelf

To add a whimsical touch for the kids, I displayed two scarecrows on either side of the TV along with a burlap bow and leaf garland I made several years ago.  It is very simple.  I just bought a roll of loose burlap ribbon like this one and tied bows about every two feet and intertwined with fall colored leaves.  The girls love to come down and greet the scarecrows in the morning!  Bonus – none of it blocks your television viewing pleasure!  All the fall décor on the fireplace mantle is from Hobby Lobby.  I kept the bookshelf pretty simple (see my other tips on how to style a bookshelf) and just added a few pumpkins and a fall sign I made at a neighborhood crafting class.

Overall – this took me no more than 30 minutes to display my fall decor and that includes hanging the stuff on the wall (it was blank before!).  My fall decor is super simple and adds just the right amount of seasonal coziness for us without it being a distraction to the kids!  What are some of your favorite indoor fall decor touches?

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