5 Minute Makeup Routine

One of the things that makes me feel most human (besides coffee) at the start of the day is doing my quick makeup routine!  I work for a company in which webcams are heavily utilized and I never can predict who will walk through my front door each day (perks of moving back home close to friends and family!!!). 

Since my time in Houston and working traditionally outside of the home, I spent years finding the perfect combination (for me) to have a truly all day makeup look.  I never have time to touch up throughout the day.  Bonus – this routine holds up through Houston and Atlanta humidity and summers!!! 

Best part??  It literally takes me five minutes in the morning to achieve my “every day” look. 8 minutes top if I want to do something fancier with my eye shadow.  My makeup routine and the products I use truly kick off my morning in a super simple and quick way to help me feel put together until bedtime!!  I will note… I have combination skin – extremely oily around my nose and chin, but my cheeks and forehead are quite dry. 

Night Before

I always wash and moisturize my face at night.  In the morning, I just rinse with water, pat dry. 


I use two different primers.  The all over primer I use is Estee Lauder’s The Smoother.  Since I have massive pores (hence the oil), the primer I use on my nose and chin is Tarte’s Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Pore & Prime Balm.  If I do not use the Tarte Pore Balm on my nose, little dots will appear through my foundation on my nose and chin. 

estee lauder primer

tarte primer


My all-time favorite foundation is Estee Lauder’s Double Wear (shade 1N1 ivory nude).  Y’all.  I canNOT say enough things about this foundation.  I used to go to work, work out during lunch, attend a happy hour and dinner, and still not touch up once throughout the day.  Between trying drugstore foundations or other high end foundations, this always wins out.  I am done testing the waters with other foundations right now because this one is tried and true for me!  Do note, I think the look is a bit more “flawless” looking when applied with a beauty blender, but remember…. I am on the clock!  Apply with a flat head foundation brush like this one from Morphe. 

estee lauder double wear


I use my same foundation brush to stipple in and apply Tarte’s Shape Tape Contour Concealer (shade 12B fair beige).  Having lots of little kids, sleep is hard to come by.  You would never know with this magical concealer!!  This stuff does not budge. 

tarte shapetape concealer

Setting Powder

My favorite setting powder to finish off after applying my foundation and concealer is from Tarte (notice a theme?).  I use the Shape Tape Setting Powder in translucent.  I apply as compact as possible under my eyes and on my nose with a brush like this one from Morphe as well.  While it sets, I apply my bronzer, highlight, and eyes, the brush away at the end. 

tarte shapetape setting powder

Bronze, Hightlight, & Eyes

Here is the biggest time saver: I use one pallet to add a little color and use it for double duty as eye shadow.  I use (taking guesses…..) Tarte’s Hamptons Weekender Contour Palette. I apply farmer’s market just below my cheek bones and top of my forehead with a fluffy brush like this one from ELF.  I then apply the slightest smidgen of beach getaway at the tops of my cheek bones.  Finally, I use beach getaway on my eye lids and farmer’s market to the crease of my eyes and blend upwards.  No matter the contour pallet you use, I recommend for a quick eye look to use the darker bronzing shade and highlight shade as eye shadow too!  I use a fluffy brush for eye shadow like this one from Morphe. 

tarte contour

Setting Spray

Once I’m done with all the facial products – I finish off with Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray.  The name pretty much says it all!

urban decay all nighter setting spray


I must admit, I am still not in love with a specific mascara.  If there is any you swear by, let me know!!  For now, I use Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Action 4-in-1 Mascara.  It does not smudge under my eyes, but also does not provide enough volume to my top lashes.

tarte mascara


I swipe any gloss (sometimes even coconut oil!) before I leave the house and that is it!!

Makeup Routine Summary

If I had to recommend just two products, it would be the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and Tarte Shape Tape Contour concealer.  They are each among my favorite makeup brands and truly provide the combination of all day wear.  The the Estee Lauder products, most stores will color match and give a free sample for you to try before you purchase a full size product.  As for some of the other items (setting spray), you can find those in travel sizes as well which is a great way to try the product as a lower price point.

Primer, foundation, concealer, powder, all in one contour pallet for facial warmth and an eye look, spray, mascara, gloss!  5 mins or less (a truly quick makeup routine) and I’m back with the land of the living!!

Evidence of this look can pretty much be found in any of my photos… outside with my girls, hanging out at home, anywhere!  It is even so fast and easy, I did it in the car on a family road trip!

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