5 Tips to Style a Bookshelf

When it comes to how to style bookshelf, I have learned a thing or two from buying and selling homes: less is more, symmetry goes out the window, and the materials do not have to be matchy-matchy.  Here is a photo from my current home along with a few quick tips & tricks to stage shelves in your own home.  To add a festive flair, see my fall decor post here.

style a bookshelf

Remove all Book Covers

Books look best on a shelf when the paper covers are removed.  Stack books both vertically and horizontally to draw your eye in different directions.

style a bookshelf

Use Baskets

As a mom, I am always looking for ways to hide clutter.  The larger basket (similar to these on Amazon) on the bottom stores small baby toys that I can take out and clean up quickly.

design a bookshelf

Add Greenery

A real or faux plant can bring a fresh look.  My bookshelf is right next to a window so it can receive ample light.

Consider Layers or Stacks

While seeing the back of the shelf is key, also have fun with adding small backgrounds and stacking items on top of each other (like on books).

Different Materials

I like using different materials to provide a variety of textures.  Wood, metal, ceramic, homemade/store bought, etc can all come together to create a cohesive look!

I encourage you to have fun when you style a bookshelf!  Walk around your house and rearrange items from room to room.  If you are having a styling block, invite a friend over who can look at your décor with a fresh eye.  This is a great opportunity to showcase items purchased from travels or vacation!  I have a piece from both Angola and Argentina displayed here. Most of the items from my bookshelf were other rooms or a box I had yet to unpack from a previous move – no need to go out and spend money on new items (unless of course you want to)!!

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